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Party 2002
On October 12 2002 Mike and Flash held a party at their house to celebrate Mike's birthday, our housewarming, and to drink to forget Flash's redundancy!

18 people attended, starting at 7pm and running until around 7am - the incredible 12 hour party!

We ate: Candyfloss, Lollipops, and the usual party buffet food.
We drank: 6 bottles of wine, a bucket of punch containing 4 bottles of spirits, half a bottle of JD and various beers/alcopops (between 14 people, so not too bad). Oh, and the 4 non drinkers had juice and fizzy pop.

Full size pictures here. Marc also took some including The Making of The Punch, link to follow!

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Sid, Gemma and Tasha and the plant Gemma gave us >:)

Rick, Marc and James

The two Tonys - Anthony and Fanf

Marc taking a photo... oh dear!

Mark, Tom and a plate of ketchup

Pepsi and Rob

Mike tackles the punch

Kieran, Clive and Steve


Dave... does exactly what he says on the tin.

Sid, Gemma and Tasha (again)

Rick (with drink), Marc (with lollipop)

Tom with candyfloss

Dave with candyfloss

Fanf with candyfloss

Spotted a theme yet?

Steve with, er, candyfloss

Steve with strange new beard

Pepsi with candyfloss (or will-o'the-wisp?)

Steve and Pepsi in the garden

Pepsi shows her fangs

Fanf does a Major impression... Edwina wasn't looking

Anthony and Rick

I don't think Rick really wants candyfloss.

Rob liked it

(Wonder how it went with JD and coke?)

Mike moshes to the John Otway CD James gave him

Some bastard caught me with candyfloss!

James got one of the biggest lumps of all

All listen to Fanf...

Pepsi and Clive cosy up in the corner while Kieran and Dave talk

Nobody wanted a pringle after Steve had nibbled them

Fanf and James (gotta love Fanf's t-shirt)

Kieran shows interest in Pepsi's corset

Mike hands Kieran sections of the camp bed

...and laughs as James cannot assemble it

James and Kieran struggle to make the bed

Mike showers himself in pringles

Too much for Steve...

Dave.... GEEK!

They still haven't made the camp bed...

Fanf tickles Dave's fancy
...and from the webcam, circa 2am...

Whatever Dave said to me, it was funny

Dave, Clive, Kieran, Pepsi and Steve

Watch the corset...

Look! No hands!

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