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Pilton Party 2004
Pilton Party is an event thrown by Michael Eavis as a thank you to the village for putting up with Glastonbury Festival. It's only advertised to locals (I'm originally from Somerset, with family and friends still in the area) and the line-up is often kept quiet.

It's like a mini one day festival, although the atmosphere was more akin to Reading - with drunk teenagers everywhere - than Glastonbury. There were no disabled accessible loos which was a bit of a nightmare, but it was a fun evening.

The full size images are around 1.5Mb each, the video clips around 15Mb each.

Glastonbury Tor
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View of the Tor as we approached.

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We couldn't get close enough to see Blackbud, but they sounded good.

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Our view from outside the tent in the grassed area.

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The sun sets behind a falafel stall.

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Jo and Beth, who came with us.

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We saw Michael Eavis a few times, but I only managed to get this one snap (without flash unfortunately).

15 second video
We couldn't see Elbow. If you also want to not see Elbow, watch the video!

13 second video
The first of two videos of Keane (this one is blurred).

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At last a decent photo of Keane!

18 second video
A better video of Keane - I was jostled a bit, but you can catch the vibe.

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