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Ladies who Lunch
On April 21st 2005 I went into town to meet some people who I had never met (although I read their journals); Esther aka Stripymelon, Jo aka Gumchewingfreak and Lisa aka Lisy_Babe.

We had lunch in a Youngs pub on the South Bank, next to Tate Modern and opposite St Pauls. The sky was blue without a cloud in sight, just beautiful outside. A very pleasant lunch!

Photos of people and the riverside follow - click on any photo to see the full size image.

Esther and Jo.

Lisa, cider and fag in hand.

All of us together. I'd put straightening serum in my hair, but it's still wibbly!

Jo and Esther on the bankside.

A better shot of Jo and Esther, just before we said goodbye.

St Pauls and the opposite bank.

The Gherkin and the Millennium Bridge.

A bridge... Blackfriars road bridge behind the railway bridge, I think.

Tate Modern.

St Pauls, from a little further on.

The Millennium Bridge.

Sunlight gleams on the top of Tate Modern's chimney.

The Strand.

Oxford Street, looking towards Oxford Circus.

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