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This is something like my online "to do" list; when I have something to which I want to pay attention but don't immediately have the time, I'll add it here instead of writing it down elsewhere.

So not only will this be a reminder to me, but also a way for you to see if I ever received your emails.

Messages will be retained for approximately one month.

Date: To: Message:
2002-09-29 Ben Ochan Hi Ben, thanks for your message... What part of the site are you looking for, doesn't the search tool find it?
2002-09-03 All Middle of "moving house" week. Chaos. Behind schedule. No ADSL. Back Mon 9th!
2002-08-14 All I'm off ill today, so that's why I'm quiet/AWOL.
2002-08-02 All Sorry - Ive been REALLY crap about being in touch lately. Found a house, trying to get to exchange asap... My journal is full of the woes, although even that doesn't get updated often. Sorry all...
2002-07-10 Graham Argh, it's been a while, sorry. Madly househunting atm, but when I get an evening in I'll mail you... :)
2002-06-19 Graham Hey dude, thanks for your mail. I'm cool but working flat out!
2002-06-03 Julio Very amusing email :) Off doing loads today but will reply soon.
2002-05-27 Pepsi We should meet up sometime... I'll RSVP soon ;)
2002-05-27 Tino Woh! Thanks for your response and I'll mail you back when work isn't so pressing...
2002-05-27 Ady Hey dude, thanks for your mail, will reply when work isn't so pressing ;)
2002-05-26 Graham Hey dude, thanks for your long mail - will get to it as soon as I can but it's gonna be another long week...take care.
2002-05-26 Julio Sorry if my replies to you are intermittent, but I'm 100% busy right now. I do still read them!
2002-05-24 Marrrrrrrk Marrrrrrrk! Coolbeans! :) You can't have been at Brazz the week before me, cos it only opened that week :) Anyway answer your email damnit and speak to you soon.
2002-05-24 Hood Hey! Still haven't forgotten about you, we need to set a time to shoot pool - I'll see how next week goes at work then I'll give you a shout ;)
2002-05-04 Jacord Hi Jacord, blimey - been ages ;)

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