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Mystery Of Time And Space (MOTAS) walkthroughs
Google appears to have cached some pages which no longer exist, so here are quick links to some cheats and walkthroughs which work, as well as my own hints and tips to fill in the gaps. It is quite frustrating when you go to a "Complete Walkthrough" only to find it is out of date and the most recent levels are not covered!

It's easy to get caught up in the game "Mystery of Time and Space" - it's a graphical puzzle/adventure game (a bit like the Crystal Maze as one person said). People seem to spend hours on it when they should be working!

If you've completed the game before, you will find a few code numbers and words different each time - so you will need to go and collect a new code each time you replay the level - that goes for if you quit and restart too.

If you join in the chat, you will get help. You will also get frustrated at several people asking the same question numerous times, and maybe at reading clues that you didn't yet want. They say "clues but no spoilers" but you will get spoilers, end of story. The chatters also pointed me at some of the links I used (below). One tip with chat: instead of joining #MOTAS which is a general channel, put the number of your level on the end (e.g. #MOTAS8) as this will be people chatting about the specific level you are on.

The Walkthrough I Used
  • Richy's walkthrough (levels 1-8) - this is the one I used when stuck. Then I forced myself to work out levels 9-12 myself, after having got my head into the way the puzzles worked. Much more fun than cheating on them all, although I did get help on the wall in level 12... Another benefit of this walkthrough is it's encoded (you need javascript enabled so that when you click, the answers appear) - means you don't accidentally see the solution for a level which you haven't yet attempted.

    Keypad Puzzles on Level 5
    I've seen various explanations of this but none complete so here goes:
    Lets order the keys in this manner:
    1     2     3     4
    5     6     7     8
    9    10    11    12
    1. 6 - the other faces are smiling
    2. 7 - the others are vowels
    3. 11 - the others have straight edges
    4. 4 - the others are even numbers
    5. 6 - the others have an even number of spikes
    6. 7 - the others are joined/touching
    7. 8 - there is a small notch in the letter
    8. 9 - the others are made of 3 pieces
    9. 4 - the others can be written in one stroke
    10. 12 - it's slightly different to the others
    11. 11 - the others use one straight and one curved line
    12. 6 - it should be yellow but it's green
    13. 10 - the other shapes have no space in the middle
    14. 1 - it has a thin bar on one side, the other thin bars are at the top or bottom
    15. 7 - the others are protocols/technical abbreviations
    16. 6 - the others are ordered clockwise RBYG
    17. 6 - all of the others appear on dice
    18. 9 - the others fit into their neighbours
    19. 7 - the others are ordered clockwise RBGCMGrOY
    20. 4 - it's slightly different to the others
    21. 5 - it's slightly different to the others
    22. 11 - the answer to the others is ten
    23. 12 - the others are double the previous number
    24. 1 - none of the other shapes contain a right angle
    25. 11 - it's a mirror image of the other shapes
    26. 6 - the others all use at least two lines
    27. 2 - the others contain two 1s and two 0s

    That Damn Green Wall on Level 12
    The technique with the green wall on level 12 is to complete it a column at a time starting on the left, so each row is green as you work your way right. When all is green except 4 bricks in the right hand column, the puzzle is solved. If you can't figure it out, click these bricks in order:

    Other Walkthroughs
  • Dodo's complete walkthrough
  • Picture walkthroughs

    And Finally...
    "Did the C64 have mouse support?"

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