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Electricity pylons, Fish and the A406 come too

London, UK, April 14th 2004
- Flash Wilson announced today that her website, www.gorge.org, would be moving to a new home. "The site started off as a project to keep me awake when I worked on nightshifts five years ago" she explained. "It's grown steadily over the years but recently things have really taken off. I run a Glastonbury Festival line-up rumours site, and demand for that has soared in the last few months. Until now I've run the site from my server at home, but I'm regularly maxxing out my bandwidth, and my little webserver can't cope with the success."

The breadth of the site and wide range of topics covered ensures a stready stream of visitors from various different topics. "There's something for everyone on my site," Flash stated "from photos of electricity pylons around the world, to how to change your name or sponsor a child. The most unusual is probably a video of a trip around the North Circular - for some reason people seem to be as interested in these things as I am! People often tell me they came to my site for a particular item, but stayed online reading the rest for an hour or more." She claims not to mind that her life is on display: "I document things for my own reference. If other people enjoy them, that's fine by me."

Flash will be moving her site to Xensia, a UK hosting company run by Paul Civati, which promises to meet the challenge of providing for Gorge.org. As well as their standard hosting packages, Xensia is able to cater for individual needs such as specific diskspace or bandwidth requirements. Speaking from Xensia, Paul Civati said "When Flash told us she had outgrown her existing hosting set-up, we were pleased to be able to offer a hosting solution that fulfilled her requirement, thus enabling the continued success of her increasingly popular site."

Following her website's success, Flash has recently started her own web design company, Web Design and Mastery, which specialises in accessible websites for all, and sites for small businesses. More information is online at http://webdesign.gorge.org.

About Gorge.Org
Gorge.org was created in 1999 by Flash Wilson, and now contains over 500 webpages on different topics, ranging from trains, cars and pylons to Flash's opinion columns and personal data. Much more than a homepage, it regularly shifts half a Gigabyte of data per day. The most popular sections of the site are: Electricity pylons around the world; Glastonbury line-up rumours; Fishkeeping; North Circular Road - followed by other photos and her personal information.

About Flash Wilson
Flash has worked in the I.T. industry since 1999, and now runs her own web design and consultancy company. She spends her spare time updating her website and recently discussed its appeal on Radio 5's Matthew Bannister show.

Flash Wilson
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