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Got any unwanted paperbacks?
If you have any unwanted paperbacks - of any genre - please consider donating them to a very good cause.

The Books to Death Row scheme enables penfriends in the UK to send books to prisoners in the USA at a very low price.

The men and women are in prison for an average of nearly 10 years between being sentenced to death, and execution. They are locked in their cell for 23 hours a day. They are only allowed to keep a fixed number of books. Therefore they are desparate for a way to occupy their time - new reading material is always welcome. Whatever their crime, these are human beings who have the right to read, to relax and to think.

The scheme enables people to send five books for £12, and the small profit on each order enables the organisers to give books to prisoners without anyone to send them, or who have an execution date. If any book is rejected by the prison, a replacement is sent free of charge.

You cannot send books directly to a prison - they have to come from a book seller or approved source. This is why the Books to Death Row scheme is so valuable.

I am not personally involved with the running of the scheme (but I have used it). However I can either forward books for the scheme on your behalf, or put you in touch with the organisers.

Any genre is welcome (as long as the books are in good condition). However sci-fi and fantasy are always in demand, and hardest to find, so these are particularly appreciated.

For more information please contact me via this webform.

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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