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This is a site about Leyton in East London. It launched in 2001, and is regularly updated with news from the Borough. It has the support of people in the local council which help to make it a success, and an active discussion board for residents. It is also becoming used as a portal for local businesses.

UNIX Queen
Various bits of information aimed at new techies on a helpdesk and UNIX sysadmins. There are guides to diagnosing helpdesk type problems, as well as the very basics to using a UNIX shell, explanations on how to upload new webpages and a list of all valid HTML colours - among other things. It's a very basic site, but it is useful for new users who don't know UNIX but want a website, through to new techies getting their first job (and probably suffering shifts!). Also contains write-ups of UNIX and internet lectures.

Miss Your Mum - UK Student Advice
My father wanted to share his knowledge with students, so we put together the site. I designed the look and coded the HMTL, I also wrote about half of the pages. I then handed it off to him and now perform updates as required. It is a thorough site.

Jeremy Cat
My cat Jeremy is a thinker. He isn't a fluffy vain cat - he's action man. But he lets you put him on your lap - for your own comfort, you understand. This is his site, featuring his stories and photos.

My Bloke
A sickening and slightly sarcastic webpage in tribute to my Bloke, including lots of obligatory hearts and clipart. Well, if you're going to provide a nauseating page, you should do it properly!

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