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Recipe - Flash's Black Forest Trifle
  • Chocolate sponge, for example a cheap supermarket swiss roll
  • Kirsch or other fruit liqueur
  • Custard (made from powder and milk, or made from raw ingredients!)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Strawberry Quick set Jelly
  • Tin of cherry pie filling
  • Optional: fruit such as damsons or cherries
  • Optional: whipped cream, glace cherries

Amounts will vary depending on the size of your dish!
Firstly take the chocolate sponge, cut it into pieces and lay it out on the base of your dish. Sprinkle a few capfuls of Kirsch or another liqueur - I used Cointreu - over the sponge. Next, cover with pie filling. Make sure that this covers all of the sponge, otherwise it breaks up and tries to float when you add jelly.

Make the quick set jelly, I usually use slightly less water than the packet suggests, and pour into the bowl. If you have any suitable fruit, pop them into the jelly from above as it starts to set. I added some damsons that had been used for making damson gin and were already soaked in alcohol - delicious!

Now make the custard, either from powder or from raw ingredients but not bought made up because you need it to set. In order for it to be thick enough I only used 400ml of milk instead of a pint. To the custard, add a spoonful of cocoa powder. It's bitter so you might want to add extra sugar to taste.

By the time your custard is nice and thick (and brown), your quick-set jelly should be fairly solid. Add the custard to the dish and spread it evenly on the top. If you wish, you can decorate with thickly whipped cream - or dream topping, but give it a few minutes after you finish whipping for it to set - and glace cherries. I don't like cream so I finish the trifle like this: to stop the custard forming a skin, cover in cling film, and make sure the clingfilm is pressed onto the warm custard. When the custard is set, peel off the clingfilm and then dust with cocoa. It's ready to eat after a short spell in the fridge, but if you can hold off for a few hours or even overnight, it will be even better.


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