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I have worked in IT since 1999, having been a UNIX System Administrator at two large ISPs for two years, and more recently Webmaster at an internet start-up. I now run my own business specialising in website accessibility, providing a range of services from website design to system support.

I was educated at Taunton School in Somerset, where I held a full academic scholarship, obtaining 9 GCSEs and 3 A levels and representing the school in Fencing.

I began a degree in Astrophysics in 1994, but discovered an interest in computing during my first year and so taught myself C programming, and transferred straight into the second year of a computing course in 1996, graduating from Middlesex University with BSc Applied Computing in 1999. The degree was highly modular and I chose to follow a mixture of graphics programming (C, C++ and POVRay) and human computer interaction (Psychology of the User, Interface design).

My first technical role was at Demon Internet in August 1999, as a NOC administrator. Despite studying a computing degree, I had not grown up with computers, had barely used UNIX and had to learn fast! In Spring 2000 I was promoted to the Web team as a System Administrator, taking sole responsibility for the E-commerce system. By the time I left a year later I had become responsible for training a new junior within the team.

From Demon I moved to Globix UK, where I was able to get my hands on a variety of systems and equipment and so broaden my knowledge. In May 2002 I took a new role as Webmaster for Global Name Registry in central London, and enjoyed a combination of back end maintenance and system administration, as well as front end design and implementation.

Unlike many technical staff, I have strong customer service skills and enjoy managing a balance between people and computers. Having worked as a Personal Assistant before moving into IT, I am also organised, happy with paperwork and able to provide support for others.

In 2003, I started my own business as a webdesigner and webmaster for small businesses, with a specialism in designing sites accessible to disabled people. You can read more about this at Web Design & Mastery. I also provide System Administration work through Clues Ltd and through my own "holiday service", taking care of systems for small businesses while their owners are on holiday.

I was President of SAGE-WISE, the UK branch of the System Administrator's Guild, from 2001-2003, and was interviewed for a BBC News Online article on Sysadmin Day in 2002, and a BBC News Online article on careers in I.T. in 2003.

In my spare time, I run various websites including Enabled People for the disabled community, and my own personal website The Gorge which has over 500 pages of information. I write freelance articles for various media including Ouch, the BBC's disability website and The Oldie magazine. I am also writing "The Helpdesker's Handbook" - a book for IT helpdesk staff.

I also enjoy sponsoring and writing to children in Mali and Sri Lanka, as well as a man on Death Row in the USA. I am a Governor of my local Primary School, Davies Lane, and enjoy taking an active role in my local community.

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