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Morrisby Vocational Guidance (IQ and Aptitude) Test Results.

This is a professional test from The Morrisby Organisation. Conducted over many sessions, it assesses IQ and aptitude, as well as general careers interests. More information about the test is detailed here.

I took the tests aged 16, in 1992. The results are as compared to my peers which are 'people who go on to take A levels and a degree'.

The results, writeup and feedback was provided in a booklet, and I have typed the results up here, with no omissions or alterations.


Test Type Description Result

Abstract Reasoning Ability to solve complex, often technical, problems Very Strong
Verbal Ability Dealing with words and verbal concepts Very Strong
Numerical Ability Dealing with numbers and figure work (not necessarily maths) Very Strong
Perceptual Ability Dealing with direct observations and real things (not words/ numbers) Very Strong

Spatial Ability Dealing with plans, drawings and shapes Strong
Mechanical Ability Simple mechanical ideas (not physics) Strong
Practicality Both together, they give practicality Strong

Mental Awareness Mentally quick, on the ball Average
Mental Flexibility Able to change direction of thought Very Strong
Inner Confidence Sureness of own abilities Strong
Initiative How many ideas a person has and can express. Taking responsibility Average


Test Type Range of Ability % of population

Abstract Reasoning 80-95% in top 20%
Verbal Ability 75-90% in top 30%
Numerical Ability 90-100% in top 10%
Perceptual Ability 90-100% in top 10%
Spatial Ability 55-75% in top 50%
Mechanical Ability 55-75% in top 50%


Career Type Description Interest

Outdoor/Physical Needing physical, not mental, effort Dislike
Scientific Working with scientific principles Neutral
Social Looking after people's problems Like
Artistic Field of art/literature/music Like
Commercial Concerning the running of businesses Dislike
Practical/Technical Making things and seeing the result Neutral

Value Description Interest

Rewards Good pay Neutral
Interest Enjoyable work Important
Security Support if needed Neutral
Pride Valuable work, to high personal level Important
Autonomy Controlling your own work Neutral

Verbal - - - - X - - - - Technical
Business/Commerce - - - - X - - - - Service to people

Learn by understanding - - - X - - - - - Learn by memory
Theoretical - - X - - - - - - Directly practical

More assured - - X - - - - - - Less assured
More flexible - - X - - - - - - Less flexible

Overall view - - - - X - - - -
Detailed view

Outer confidence, initiative, decisive - - - - X - - - -
Both equal
Inner confidence, not brash, inwardly sure

Abilities stronger - - - - X - - - -
Both equal
Personality stronger

Abstract Reasoning:

The scores indicate a very high level of abstract reasoning - the ability to understand highly complex concepts - so it is unlikely that you would enjoy routine work. You need to find an area with the opportuntity to use this very high level of problem solving ability. Compared to your peers, your level is high. Your verbal and numerical ability (relevant to exam success) is very high - top 10%.

Intellectual Talents:

The very high level of your ability suggests that you would do well in virtually any field. The type of career you find best suited must depend on your other abilities and interests.

Practical Aptitudes:

You have a high level of general practical ability. You appear able to see a situation as a whole, while also seeing the details, keeping things in perspective. The high level indicates that you are capable while dealing with down to earth, practical problems. Whilst this level is high, your other abilities are even stronger and so you may prefer an area with scope to use these other abilities rather than in a directly practical area.

General Approach:

The general approach is characterised by the very high combined level of verbal, numerical and perceptual abilities, coupled with a similar level of abstract reasoning. This suggests an intellectual approach and that you prefer to think a problem through, rather than finding a solution through direct trial and error. This very high level of abstract reasoning indicates an ability to work things out from first principles, rather than relying solely on knowledge. This means that you prefer to work on an intellectual plane, applying your knowledge and abilities to theoretical concepts rather than at the direct, practical action, level. This bodes well for academic success.


Your score on mental awareness coupled with the very high score on mental flexibility indicates that you are adaptable and should cope well with changing situations. You will prefer some variety in your work, but could stick with a single task if necessary. The score on initiative shows that you have the confidence to express your ideas, are able to lead a team and cope well with a front-line position. On the score of inner confidence, your high result suggests that you are inwardly sure of yourself and are concerned with getting things right. Your abilities seem slightly more important than the personality measures, so it is important that your career provides you with the opportunities to use your abilities fully.

Manual Dexterity:

You tend to work at an average speed with your hand and show a good degree of manual skill. This suggests a good degree of deftness at this speed.

Career Interests:

You seem to have an interest in social work - dealing in people as an end in themselves, not just as a means to an end. You dislike commercial work and outdoor work. As your abilities are very versatile, interest is important in your career.

Occupational Values:

You place emphasis on work that you see as valuable, as well as having the opportunity to become an expert in your chosen field. You would not enjoy routine work, preferring to be fully involved in the field. For this reason you need an area where the work is, at least in part, determined by yourself. You also appear concerned with interesting work. If it was monotonous or routine work you would be unhappy, even if it was well paid. Given your abilities, this is not surprising.

  • Computer programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • Psychology
  • Teaching
  • Electronic engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Civil service
  • Advertising
  • Sound/recording engineer
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Patent office work

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