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National Railway Museum, York (2006)

Photos from a trip to the National Railway Museum, which comprises a shed containing various stock and some royal carriages, a main hall in which engines are arranged around a turntable (which we saw demonstrated), workshops and storerooms.

Loughton Disused Signal Cabin (2004)

Photos from a tour of Loughton station and particularly the disused signal cabin, which stopped operating in the late 1990s and is now preserved. The tour was run as part of Open House weekend in 2004.

Colne Valley Railway (2003)

Photos from a visit to Colne Valley, which is a private railway running steam and diesel trains - so it is my local steam railway. The area is laid out with exhibits, stations and signal boxes and nowhere is off limits, a great day out!

Ongar Disused Station (2003)

Photos of the exterior of Ongar station. Ongar was at the end of the Central line on London Underground, until 1994 when the line was decommissioned beyond Epping. This is now owned by Epping Ongar Railway, who are hoping to run services again one day. Currently, it is home to a variety of rolling stock.

City Road and Angel Disused Stations (2001)

A tour of City Road and old parts of Angel disused London Underground stations. City Road was closed in 1922, and Angel was rebuilt in 1992. The tour report includes photos, a description of the areas seen, and links to other disused tube station websites.

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