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Ever been stuck for gift ideas for me, Mike and the family? Puzzle no more!

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I really love Blue Lagoon products - I discovered them on honeymoon and wish I'd bought more than just hand cream! I'd always be grateful for any of their products.

Please note that I can no longer bath, only shower, so no bath smellies please!

I have a wishlist with Amazon which includes music, books and films. It's reviewed regularly. Alternatively, Amazon vouchers are always welcome!

If you're looking to get me a bottle of something, champagne would be best! Although I enjoy certain spirits I usually have plenty of them already, whereas I rarely have champagne!

For some more one-off ideas...
The charities I support are Reprieve and Walthamstow Greyhound Homefinding Scheme, if you prefer to make a donation instead of giving a gift.


Mike has his own list online. As he requests, please liaise with me, so he doesn't get duplicates! Sorry to be bossy but in the past he has had an identical "main present" at Christmas from both me and his parents which is disappointing, embarrassing and awkward! I can also advise on whether his list is up to date... it often isn't!

Some other things Mike always appreciates are:
  • Tasteful shirts with 17" collar, configured for cufflinks rather than buttons.
  • A decent single malt whisky (such as The Balvenie, Peat Monster, Talisker, Oban, Highland Park etc). He prefers Highland malts in particular.

Also as he has lost a lot of weight, M&S or other tailoring vouchers would come in handy, since nothing seems to fit him anymore!

Mike supports Amnesty International, if you prefer to make a donation instead of giving a gift.

Joint Presents

Here are some ideas for presents for the pair of us.


Cray likes eating and playing with:
  • Dog biscuits
  • Peanut butter (in his treat balls)
  • Squeaky soft toys (must be very durable i.e thick plush, well stitched balls!)

Please, not these!

We have got these things coming out of our ears and would appreciate a break from them!
  • Cufflinks
  • Harry Potter merchandise
  • Soap and "smellies"
  • "Pound shop" items
  • Socks
  • Comedy slogan t-shirts

Now you should have loads of different ideas for us. Please let us know what you would appreciate, too!

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