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All users of the server known as en.gorge.org are required to obey this AUP. Users of Gorge.org mail forwarded email addresses are required to comply with sections 6 and 7.

You are required to be familiar with and obey this AUP, which may change from time to time. Where possible, changes will also be notified to you in email and via the motd on the server, however this is not guaranteed.

You will have a home directory in /home and a homepage directory in /www/homepages. You can access your homepage at http://www.gorge.org/~yourusername. Your email address is yourusername@gorge.org and your email will be stored in the Mail directory in your home directory. Your default shell will be bash; if you prefer another shell please contact flash@gorge.org.

A range of software is installed including email, news and irc clients. If you have a genuine need to use other software please discuss this with flash@gorge.org.

If you are new to UNIX you may benefit from reading the pages at http://www.unixqueen.net/shell/.

Your index page may be called index.html, index.shtml or index.htm. Where there is no index page, the directory contents will be displayed. The web server will also handle server side includes. If you have any other specific configuration preferences please discuss them with flash@gorge.org.

Analog web statistics can be provided for your web pages. If you would like this to be set up, please email flash@gorge.org. Individual access to web log files is not possible.

The server's generic 404 error page will display when a page requested from your website is unavailable. If you wish to create and use a different 404 page, please email flash@gorge.org to arrange this.
Access to en.gorge.org is by SSH and scp only. Telnet access is not available under any circumstances, and FTP access is not usually available. If you are using Windows and are not sure how to login or upload files, use of PuTTY and PSCP (available from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/) is recommended.

Secure terminal access to en.gorge.org is also available through a web browser via http://www.gorge.org/term.
Disk space usage is monitored regularly. Most users do not have a specific quota but as a rule of thumb, you should not use more than a total of 25Mb for your home directory and web space. Please keep an eye on your own usage - excessive use may result in a quota being enforced. Large files can be stored temporarily in /tmp.

If any action you take consumes server resources to the extent that it is deemed to be affecting other users or server performance, the offending process may be killed and/or your access suspended with no prior notice. Where a hosted website is attracting a large number of hits such that server performance is affected, you must liaise with flash@gorge.org to resolve this as swiftly as possible.
Email forwarding, web hosting and DNS services are available for users of Gorge.org who have their own domain name. Email backup relaying and secondary DNS services may be available to other people known personally to the administrator. For information please contact flash@gorge.org.

Additionally, for users with their own domain, web logs will be provided, CGI access will be available and a higher space quota will be arranged.
Your account may be revoked and/or your data deleted at any time if you should do anything which may cause embarrassment or legal issues for the administrator or any other user of en.gorge.org, or if requested by Gorge.org's access provider, Demon Internet. Examples of this behaviour may include, but are not limited to:
  • Libellous remarks about an individual or company
  • Publishing copyright material without permission
  • Publishing illegal or offensive material
  • Sending unsolicited bulk or commercial email ("spam")
  • Any action which incites a hack attempt on the system
You are additionally required to read and obey Demon Internet's Access AUP at http://www.demon.net/helpdesk/aup/access.shtml
Planned maintenance will be notified in advance via the message of the day, shown at login. Additional notification may be provided via email. Where possible, the timing of such maintenance will be arranged at a time most convenient for all users. Emergency maintenance will be notified as soon as possible, but rescheduling may not be possible.

Finally, your access may be revoked and/or your data deleted at any time for any reason, including accidental deletion. This is extremely unlikely to happen, but this clause allows for the possibility. Please ensure that you have sufficient backups of any important data on another unrelated system.

Have fun!

Flash Wilson

Gorge AUP Version 1.2 - 2003-04-09

This page last updated: 19 July 2004

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