The Flash FAQ.

This was created to stop people asking the same questions... give 'em a URL and they are quiet for ages!

What's with the name Flash?

Oh dear. People always ask this one, and sing the song, as if it's never been done before.

The name Flash stems from when I was about 11; everyone in my class made up rhyming names for each other. Flash was derived from my birth name, and it stuck. There is no silly reason for it; I neither do, nor am, 'flash'.

Although I didn't choose the name, it has been the only name by which I have been known for many years, and so on 23rd April 2000 I changed it by deed poll. It is now officially my real name, and appears on my passport.

Why did you choose the domain

I chose the name because I like it. The word gorge has various meanings... short for gorgeous, a description of stuffing food into your mouth, and it's also a slang word for, um, a part of the female anatomy. I liked it, so I chose it. When I bought none of the other gorge domains had gone - shortly after I bought it, and disappeared. I quite often get emails for customers of the US ISP

When, eventually, I put a band together, the idea is to work under the name of Gorge - in the meantime the site is about me.

Convince me you're an angel...

Well I hold two voluntary roles - Tree Warden, and Streetwatcher. These involve training from the council, and in return we are their eyes in the borough. My neighbours know this so that when a tree is damaged or a traffic light broken, they contact me so I can get it rectified. I also run a
community website for my area.

I also enjoy sponsoring a child in Mali.

Not so much angelic as wholesome!

Now tell me how bad you can be!

I have several piercings, dislike wearing underwear (I'm allergic to elastic), and do like real ale. My bloke has also lured me into a rather trollish sense of humour.

Not that bad, really.

He's in Star Wars... you know, Star Wars?

Er - no. I don't often watch films and I certainly haven't seen any of the Star Wars series. It seems to disturb people for some reason, but I am blissfully unaware of them. I managed to avoid them as a child, little knowing Luke and friends would become cult heroes, and here I am avoiding it again. Hence me saying to a friend when playing the Star Wars card game "I've got a Vader.. is that good?"

So, do you have a partner?

Yep, he's at and works at Demon Internet. We got together on October 1st 1999 and remarkably, we are still happy. Extra happy if anything! Hooray!

For those who knew Ryk (my partner of 4 years) we split up in March 1999, but still share a flat and go to the pub together - he's still my mate! He can be reached at

Heh. So, when are the kids due!

Why do ppl ask this one? Heh. Anyway. Luckily I think I have found a bloke who is as reticent to have kids as me. Just in case they were female and I had to drown them. I dont like girls. But when Im about 35-40 and have settled down and mellowed, Id like to foster kids with special needs, such as Down's Syndrome. Kids that are already alive and need help at a time when I have developed the maturity and patience to give it (I hope!) For now, I have a
cat and some tropical fish - and they are plenty!

When's your birthday?

December 4th (born 1975). Sagittarius, and so on.

What's with the vegetarianism?

One day, aged about 11, I realised I could no longer bring myself to put dead animal in my mouth, chew it up and swallow it, and simply stopped doing so. I don't tell other people what to do; thats pointless. But if you're really interested, go find a veggie society website.

For reference I dont eat any meat or fish, nor animal products e.g. gelatine, cochineal and suet. I do drink non-veggie beers, tho if a veggie choice was available I'd choose it, same as with veggie cheeses and free range eggs. Luckily organic beer is becoming popular, and these do not use fish swim bladders to clarify them.

The only leather I wear is an old jacket, or my trainers (my doctor says I need to wear trainers as I have dodgy knees). But I dont care what others do.

Is the haircolour natural?

The red? YES! And Im a bit antagonistic towards imposters (a-HA! You didn't have to put up with teasing and jokes like
these, but now you think red is cool!) - so dye your hair my colour at your peril! That said, I did have a few black bits in mine, but even with permanent L'Oreal blue-black, it still won't stay.

What's wrong with your knees?

They get sore and swollen easily, and sometimes I knock or dislocate them and trap nerves. A doctor told me the thighbone is the wrong shape to hold the kneecap. Very dull. But basically if you see me getting a seat on the tube for one stop, or getting the lift only one floor, thats cos I need to be careful with them. I usually use a stick when I know I will be taking many stairs, e.g. on tube journeys.

What's your favourite...

Just for balance, my pet hates are really girlie girls (especially if they are covered in slap and desparate for compliments), people cycling on the pavement, and music with no discernable meaning.

That's all for now. But if you have any questions then
mail me and when they become frequently asked, or if they seem salient, I will add them.

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