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Gorge Merchandise
Flash has created a range of merchandise which you can buy in this store.

There are two ranges:
  • Gorge branded t-shirts, baseball caps and mugs
  • London panoramic on coasters and mousemats

    The Gorge branded stuff is ideal if you like the site, but the London panoramic items make beautiful gifts.

    Prices start at just a few quid and items can be shipped around the world, so help yourself!

    T-shirt with Gorge logo on the breast - with the following backprint (click for detail):

    Mousemat featuring this stunning aerial photo of London.
    The Gorge mug - the logo is wrapped around it. Dishwasher safe!
    Coaster - small and simple, featuring this stunning London aerial photo.
    Style for the summer - the Gorge baseball cap.

  • This page last updated: 19 July 2004

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