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Diet chocolate bars
Boots produce a range of Shapers snack bars, all less than 100cal each.

I have engaged in extensive testing and can tell you which to get and which not to get. They all have the added bonus of being vegetarian - no gelatine, and come to that, no tails.

Mint bar
Bearable but a bit like chewing plastic. Which it probably is.

Turkish delight bar
Surprisingly rock solid. A bit like chewing mauve plastic with a flowery smell. Covered in some nice dark chocolate, which falls off as soon as you try to bite through the rock center, leaving you covered in flakes and desparately trying to recover them to your mouth.

Orange cereal bar
Boring looking but ok, and it actually feels like food too and not leather. It is dipped in CHOCOLATE with a tasty orange tang.

Apple and cranberry cereal bar
Actually really yummy, naturally sweet, with a nice layer of choc on the bottom and it is tasty. Definitely get this again.

Caramel bar
Yuk this looked HORRID, so I didnt get one. I can imagine that it is plasticky, only browner.

So now you know. Go with the cereal bars. (But don't touch the things that M&S market in a similar manner, they are sickly.)

Incidentally, if you are considering trying Tesco's Healthy Eating Doughnuts - forget it. They have only 5 grams of fat instead of 10, and this gives them the consistency of rubber, and they have a nasty taste of nutrasweet. On the other hand, if you can't get over a doughnut craving, try one of these and you will never fancy them again.

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