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St Peter's Brewery Ales
Having discovered the wonders of the St Peter's Brewery a mixed case of ale was ordered... here is a review of those beers which have been sampled from their range.

Spiced Ale - Cinnamon and Apple
Fairly malty, aromatic but little apple taste and not sweet - only the cinnamon flavour can be detected to distinguish it from other beers.

Spiced Ale - Lemon and Ginger
Distinctively lemon and ginger in a lightly hopped ale, which works quite well - but we didn't particularly enjoy it.

Fruit Beer - Elderberry
[tasting soon!]

Fruit Beer - Grapefruit
A light ale, with a fresh grapefruit smell - initial grapefruit tang, clean finish. Very easy to drink.

Old-Style Porter
Heavy, chocolatey, delicious.

Winter Ale
Deep red colour, delicious malty and slightly spicey taste reminiscent of Christmas pud.

Best Bitter
A delicious full ale, very satisfying. Pleasing whatever your preference.

Strong Ale
A delicious English ale. Smooth, with a slightly nutty aftertaste. The perfect blend of hops and malted barley - very tasty!

Organic Ale
A light ale, very delicate in flavour - almost lagerlike.

Golden Ale
Light and hoppy, approaching the taste of a lager but still satisfying for an ale lover!

Suffolk Gold
A bitter ale, hoppy aftertaste.

Wheat Beer
Light, very crisp and easy to drink, with a lager like flavour.

This page last updated: 19 July 2004

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