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Finest Yoghurts
Tesco have produced a delicious range of yoghurts. They cost 55p each and are laden with calories at around 250-275 kcal per pot! However they are utterly tasty, so here is a review in case you can only pick one!

Blackdown Blackcurrant
Tangy and full of flavour, very satisfying.
Bourbon Vanilla
Sweet, smooth, vanilla but not overpowering, highly tasty.
Champagne Rhubarb
Very strong rhubarb taste, slightly bitter but very pleasant.
Devon Fudge
The toffee yoghurt is well flavoured and not sickly, but the lumps of real fudge give a strange overall texture and are a distraction.
Lemon Curd
Smooth and sweet, like Lemon Merengue Pie! The favourite.
Pear and Butterscotch
Smooth sweet butterscotch yoghurt, with small firm lumps of pear. Quite pleasant but also quite strange!
Scottish Raspberry
Tasty and pleasant, but not extraordinary.
Strawberries and Cream
A pink yoghurt with a smooth, strong cream flavour, and whole strawberry pieces. Very pleasant.
Swiss Black Cherry
Delicious whole black cherries in profusion, although the vivid purple colour is a little offputting. Second favourite.

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