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Friends and Acquaintances

Bloke mentioned that he finds it hard to follow my anecdotes, when he doesn't remember all of my friends, and most of them seem to be called Ben! So here is a synopsis, with small photos where appropriate.

Some of these people are my closest friends; some were important at one stage of my life or another, and a few have drifted out of touch. If you're not on this list either I've been shortsighted, or you just don't feature in enough stories!

Click here for some interesting stats about my friends.

If you are featured in this list and would prefer to supply me with an alternative photo, web reference or description, please tell me!

Adam Alan Andrew Ben Beer Ben Crystal Beth (and Ali) Dave Fanf Fink Graham Iain James JRG Julian Mark Marrrrrrrk Matt Mike Nathan Paul Pepsi Phil Psycho RickP Rob Ryk SJR Steve Silas Vijeet

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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