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Safety Cameras on the North Circular
Speed cameras, or GATSOs, are officially known as "safety cameras". As the locations of all safety cameras must be publicly available, you can access information on each borough here.

Here is a summary of all safety cameras on the A406.


A406 Hanger Lane south of Beaufort Road 1999/02 Fixed Speed
A406(NCR) Hanger Lane by Chatsworth Road 1992/10 Fixed Speed
A406 Hanger Lane / Queens Drive 1998/09 Red Light


North Circular Road 2002/3 Mobile
A406 near Wrights Place 1996/03 Fixed Speed
A406 east of Park Royal Onslip 1997/07 Fixed Speed
A406 outside Brent reservoir (Welsh harp) 1998/06 Fixed Speed
A406 west of Heather Road 1997/02 Fixed Speed
A406 NCR by Dog Lane 1992/10 Fixed Speed
A406 NCR by Woodheyes Road 1992/10 Fixed Speed
A406 j/w Brentfield Road 1996/02 Red Light


A406 under East End Road Bridge 1999/03 Fixed Speed
A406 by Shirehall Park 1996/01 Fixed Speed
A406 east of Colney Hatch Lane 1996/01 Fixed Speed



Waltham Forest:

A406 - A104 slip Road 2002/3 Mobile
A406 east of Folly Lane 1997/05 Fixed Speed
A406 Walthamstow Avenue by Trinity Way 1998/06 Fixed Speed


Southend Road(NCR) 2002/3 Mobile
A406 north of Eastern Avenue 1997/05 Fixed Speed
A406 east of Waterworks Roundabout 1999/02 Fixed Speed
A406 near Truro Gardens 1997/05 Fixed Speed
A406 near Endsleigh Gardens 1997/05 Fixed Speed


A406 near Reynolds Avenue 1997/05 Fixed Speed
A406 near Pretoria Road 1998/08 Fixed Speed

Barking and Dagenham:

A406 - A124 slip Road 2002/3 Fixed Speed

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