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Experience the A406 by video!
26.2 miles... in under six minutes!
On two occasions, a small group of volunteers filmed car journeys along the A406, using a webcam mounted to the roof of a car, controlled by a laptop in the back. Photos of the filming are here.

The whole journey travelling west from Barking to Chiswick (44Mb Mpeg):
Download whole journey

A shorter film travelling east from Henly's Corner to Colney Hatch Lane (5.4Mb Mpeg):
Download shorter film

(To download the videos, right click over the link and choose "Save target as..." )

Stills from the video
Ealing Angel Underpass Neasden Woodford Hanger Lane Gyratory Roadworks near Brent Cross

Points along the route:
0:00 Barking
0:20 Ilford flyover
0:42 M11 junction
0:58 Woodford junction
1:10 Crooked Billet underpass
1:22 Lea Valley flyover
1:35 Angel underpass
1:58 Clockhouse Junction
2:28 Telford Road
2:49 New Southgate railway bridge
3:20 Henly's Corner
[5 seconds' footage was snipped where we sat behind the milk lorry]
3:36 Fork from A1
3:45 Brent Cross
4:07 Wembley.
[There is a join in the film where we paused to clean rain from the camera lens]
4:11 Neasden railway bridge
4:30 Stonebridge Park
4:48 Hanger Lane
5:12 Ealing Common
5:45 Chiswick

Chiswick to Stonebridge Park | Brent Cross to Angel Corner | Cooks Ferry to Barking

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