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Sights of the North Circular (A406)
East Section
  1. Cooks Ferry / Shadbolt
  2. Crooked Billet
  3. Woodford
  4. M11 junction
  5. Roding Hospital
  6. Redbridge
  7. Ilford
  8. Barking

Cooks Ferry / Shadbolt

Cooks Ferry is found where the A406 traverses the Lea Valley Viaduct, where could be found the only sight on the North Circular to change on a regular basis until it was sadly removed in December 2007 - Shadbolt International's warehouse used to detail the Veneer of the Week in large letters, providing some variety for regular drivers on the A406.

Shadbolt was located on the inside of the bend, and also near to the two distinctive pylons shown opposite. (Regular readers of the Pylon Site may recognise them.) As you pass under their wires you may notice radio interference.

The pylons at Cook's Ferry

Shadbolt's Warehouse

Walthamstow Dog Track

Crooked Billet
Crooked Billet is a large roundabout above the North Circular; normally it is circumvented by an underpass. There are a few things of note; a large Sainsburys with cheap petrol, and Walthamstow Greyhound Track which are just off the Crooked Billet roundabout.

The dog track has a website, here. It is more easily seen from the A406 at night, when it is lit up.

Woodford is probably the prettiest turnoff - flanked by parts of Epping forest, and various lakes and ponds which support a variety of wildlife.

It is also significant to the author as being the junction nearest their home!
View of the A406 from Woodford

M11 branches from the A406

M11 junction
Traffic runs along the A406 between the M11 junction and the M11 link road at Redbridge.

The slip roads here look like long blue ribbons on a map.

Roding Hospital
Roding Hospital area is slightly more interesting than the general monotony of the A406 at this point, characterised by a pylons at a substation next to the Hospital.

There have also been several plans proposed for flats to be built in the area, but it contravenes green belt planning guidance.
Substation next to Roding Hospital

Redbridge Underground Station

Redbridge roundabout is beneath the North Circular, a junction with the A12 (M11 link road).

Redbridge Underground station is served by the Hainault branch of the Central Line, in Zone 4.
At Ilford, the BT and Britannia buildings peek above the flyover.

The traffic below is usually fairly heavy as motorists queue to enter Ilford town centre.
View from the Ilford flyover

The start of the A406 at Barking

Hand Trough Creek

At the eastern end, the A406 starts at Barking. This is an industrial area, typified by gasholders, pylons and warehouses; just south of the end of the A406 are sewage works.

However, the view to the east over Hand Trough Creek is quite pretty, and reminds you that you are approaching the Docklands area.

Other landmarks visible from this end of the A406 are the Millenium Dome, Canary Wharf towers, and planes entering and leaving City Airport.

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