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As my
journal will often tell you, I am not very accomplished in the kitchen. However there are a handful of things that turn out well for me, and here they are!

  • Marinated olives - appetiser
  • Vegetable patties - side dish or snack
  • Onion soup - starter or main
  • Greek salad - starter or main
  • Roast vegetables and feta couscous - main
  • Risotto - main
  • Italian salad with doughballs - main
  • Egg fried rice - main
  • Stuffed marrow - main
  • Fried bananas - dessert
  • Fruit crumble - dessert
  • Black Forest Trifle - dessert
  • Chocolate Mousse - dessert
  • Grenita - dessert
  • Simple chocolate truffles - dessert or treat

  • And for drinks... Cocktails! - my own recipes for party jugs

    I also have a recipe based shopping list which you may find useful!

    Here are my tips on catering for vegetarians. It really isn't that scary!

    If you're not a veggie but want to become one, here's my advice on turning veggie.

    This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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