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Tort's Glastonbury FAQ

Updated January 2008

A note from Flash: This amazing FAQ was written by Tort (from the Virtual Festival messageboards) - it's hosted here as a favour but unlike the rest of this site, it wasn't written by me. So if you're looking to send plaudits to someone, it's Tort you should be thanking!

Due to its massive size, the FAQs are in four pages. I think it works best if you simply read all the pages in order. But if you are just looking for the answer to one particular question, feel free to pick it out. Please wait for the whole page to load when following the links, in order that they will take you to the right place. It's worth the wait!

Since the last update, it has been announced that...
...Lost Vagueness will not be present, but something similar will take place in the same fields under the name of Shangri La.
...There will only be one Tipi field for those who have hired them.
...As well as combined coach and festival tickets, in 2008 there are also train travel and entry tickets, leaving from London.
...You will be given biodegradable tent pegs on entry, and asked to use these to avoid metal pegs hurting the cows once the Festival is over.
...You are asked to bring only what you are prepared to carry home. The waste of 2007 should not be repeated! Remember that you are guests on a working farm and please treat the land with respect.
...Family Camping will be in Spring Ground and Big Ground this year.

Please bear these points in mind when reading.

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